TGIF ala cart Love Muffin

Burrrr last night was cooooold -now to Freeze-UR-Gizzard morning.  Its warm and happy at the Love Muffin. I’m eating the B.F.G:

one enormous drop biscuit, 2 eggs & sausage gravy.


The coffee is best today to the sounds of  Johnny Cash and Charlie Daniels… Folks are bebopping their heads to the smooth low and soulful country masters.  “Get Rhythm” and “The Devil went down to Georgia”

Ok wait … here comes Roger Miller”s “King of the Road” as I overheard a person tell their friend that “this trip is all about the quitting”.  Bullseye!   roger_miller_the_country_side1

The barista went down to georgia he was looking for a cafe’ to steal.

He was in a snag, cuz his hippie nag told him to get a job or lose the deal.

When came across this muffin man, baking bread and making it hot!

So he jumped up on his barstool, and said, dude let me tell you what.

Now you stir up a pretty good brew son, but give this bean junkie his due.

I’ll bet you an Astoria expresso machine of copper for your minimum wage pay

that says I’m a better barista than you.

blah blah blah …

Steam on the mocha run kids run.

The Barista’s in the house of the rising sun …..  – butchered by R. Neill

Thank God Its Friday. Good Morning from Moab.



~ by mojo50 on April 17, 2009.

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